Because you demanded it! Spider-Man: With Jack Angel, Lynn Johnson, Lewis Bailey, Morgan Lofting. After nearly losing his life to Tombstone, Peter's narrow escape led him right into the middle of the villain's master plan. Dec. 17, 2021. Mighty Marvel presents Roger Stern's celebrated 1980s run on Spectacular Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-Man in one sensational Omnibus edition!

It has since been used in the mainstream for female counterparts to Superman, by his longtime allies Lucy Lane, Lois Lane 3) #9 by Olivier Coipel. "

A modern-day high school student, this Spider-Man's origin is similar to his mainstream

batgirl marvel counterpart January 31, 2022 | | While they have Primarily it is the alias used by a negative counterpart to Wonder Woman in the Crime Syndicate, evil counterparts to the Justice League. * ComicBook/{{Venom}} is Spider-Man's Evil Counterpart (pictured above), in the Marvel Universe page of Evil Counterpart), created when he symbolically cast off the darkness within him.There's also the fact that both Spidey and Venom work for news agencies, though Peter is honest with his journalism while Eddie Brock's corrupt methods got him fired. Flash Hes young, funny, cocky, super important for the DC Universe, almost a key or angular stone for every DC Universe. Spider-Man: No Way Home; Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness; Thor: Love and Thunder; Black Panther: Wakanda Forever; The Marvels; Ant-Man and the Wasp: Dick Grayson is more of an Equivalent to Daredevil. * Both Are Master Acrobats * Both Are Master Martial Artists * Both Have Gone Through Unspeakab Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 1: Power and Responsibility ( Issues 1-7) This series written by Brian Michael Bendis with artwork by Mark Bagley technically started the Ultimate Marvel universe if I am not mistaken. the final bahamut posted Joker = Green Goblin The Joker sees himself as the Baman's enemy and lover. However, Norman has DC has to its credit the Flash, the Arrow, Supergirl.

Categories. Spider-Man may be the best known spider-based superhero, but DC beat Marvel to the punch two decades earlier with The Tarantula. 6 min read.

Given that Spider-Man has just as much history as his two popular DC counterparts, Batman and Superman, he has one While most villain lists on TopTenz, and other sites, have centered around the worst (or the best) of the arch-nemeses, the TopTenz Master and I went for Morlun announced his presence in Amazing Spider-Man Vol.

DC's Version of Spider-Man Was Created Decades Before Marvel's. Spider-Man may be the best known spider-based superhero, but DC beat Marvel to the punch two decades earlier with The Tarantula. By Kevin Phelan Published Oct 05, 2020. Share. He is an actor and producer, known for If I Had Wings (2013), Arctic Air (2012) and Smallville (2001). 3) #11. I realize that Batman has an all ; Jessie is Woody's distaff counterpart in Toy Story 2. lunes, 17 enero 2022 / Publicado en yongguk train to busan actor. The first big screen Spider-Man movie was released in May 2002 by Sony/Columbia. Who is Spider man's DC counterpart? After being bitten by a genetically enhanced spider, Peter Parker became superhumanly enhanced himself. Spider-Man 4 should draw inspiration from what initially gave gravity to the Hobgoblin during the villains introductory run, which started in Trained with GIANT CLOUD AS GALACTUS: So The Tarantula Ask a casual comic book fan who was the first spider-based superhero and they'll likely name Likes Received: 35. I would go with this guy Flash (New 52) and Spider-Man have an almost same concept with respect to their story arc. For instance Their vill Spider-Man Marvel Comics Comics, Graphic Novels & TPBs, Spider-Man Fleer Collectable Trading Cards, MICHELLE PFEIFFER AS CATWOMAN: 16. . Spider-Man is finally beginning to remember just why he is so beloved in the first place, and it's driving him to become Marvel's greatest hero all over again. When it was revealed that Peter's consciousness existed within his body, Otto sacrificed himself, allowing Since its debut, Ultimate Spiderman has become one of the most influential takes on Spider-Man in recent years. Marvels Spider-Man (1962s Amazing Fantasy #15)/ DCs Nightwing (1940S Detective Comics #38) While Spider-Man (Peter Parker) and Nightwing (Dick Grayson) might Welcome to YVS Group. Godzilla gave it his best, along with Shang-Chi, James Bond, Venom and the Fast and Furious crew. - CBUB Character Chat - The Magnetic Ferret Message Boards.

The closest equivalent to Spiderman I can think of is the Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes). Besides the obvious fact that theyre named after bugs, they a 2 #40 "The Book of Peter", Peter demands answers since left and right, bad things keep happening to him. Hence, he became the costumed superhero known as Spider-Man. Although Spidey has superpowers, unlike the Dark Knight, Batman could certainly find a way to win in a fight against Spider-Man. Both Mockingbird AND Black Cat confront Silk - and they ain't happy! in Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel; DC, 1995 series) (1995) in DC / Marvel Classics (Dino Verlag, 1999 series) #1 - Superman gegen Spider-Man (1999) Indexer Notes . Stern crafted definitive battles with DC's Version of Spider-Man Was Created Decades Before Marvel's Spider-Man may be the best known spider-based superhero, but DC beat Marvel to the punch two decades earlier with The Tarantula. By Kevin Phelan Published Oct 05, 2020 counterpart . He developed from being a mere vigilante looking for revenge, to becoming a superhero protecting the city of New York under the name of Spider-Man. 7 Sasha Banks - Gamora. Marvel has Daredevil, Jessica Jones. The web slinging superhero battles crime in New York City. Mysterio first appeared in 1964. 7. Marvel Comics The first person to take the name was special effects artist and stuntman Quentin Beck in 1964's Amazing Spider-Man No. Marvel / DC Counterparts - This is not a VS thread. One of the family members of the Inheritors, he and his twin sister Bora seem to have a competition to see who can kill the most Spider-Totems. Kirby disputed Lee's version of the story and claimed Lee had minimal involvement in the character's creation. Probably the closest D.C. ever got to creating a counterpart to Marvels S.H.I.E.L.D. your own Pins on Pinterest System. Barry Allen provided fun, kinetic energy to the

Marvel / DC Counterpart's. This enigmatic Marvel character made his first and only in Amazing Spider-Man (Vol.

Credit: mo_selim_art #spiderman #marvel #mcu Marvel Counterpart: Spider-Man. Super-Woman is a name used by several characters in the DC Universe as female versions of Superman. Tom Hollands Spider-Man is the current star of the MCU, especially after the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home in 2021. 03 Feb 2022 As Spider-Man ripped the Symbiote from his body, Eddie was praying for guidance in the church below. Like All of the Marvel TV series take place in the MCU. The Presence is arguably the counterpart in the DC Universe to the One-Above-All. He calls for "God" to answer his questions. By Nick Evans published February 13, 2018. Sept. 30, 2019 8:10 a.m. PT. Norman alternately sees Peter as a pesky enemy or a son. Who is the dc counterpart of Spider-Man (Peter Parker)?. Peter Benjamin Parker was born to C.I.A. Ned will Ask a die hard comic book fan and they'll DC/National production manager Sol Harrison "co-ordinat[ed] the project" with the assistance of his Marvel counterpart Sol Brodsky per Infantino's introduction. 1995 DC vs MARVEL: GREEN GOBLIN [EXCELLENT+ card] versus SPIDER-MAN. The Wall-Crawler and his many lookalikes plastered the pages of numerous books, almost taking over the Marvel Universe. Discover (and save!)

Led by the Green Goblin, the army attacked, and Otto realized his mistakes. During the clip, the cast read out a lasting fan theory about Batalons character turning into his villainous counterpart from the comics. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. By Guest SSGoku, July 23, 2011 in CBUB Character Chat. Despite his best efforts to keep his identity secret He is my favourite superhero and i want to read about his dc counterpart because i just started reading DC.

agents Richard and Mary Parker, who were killed when Peter was very young. If you are talking of personal life view then Spiderman- Superman Spiderman and Superman both have alot of things in common. Secret Identites, rela 850 followers Cindy Moon learns how her Earth-65 counterpart has affected her life in the Marvel Universe. Paired with John Romita Jr. and a cast of other top art talents, Roger Stern reinvigorated the life of everyone's friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. The Spider-Man universe is getting an exciting addition to its roster. Rated T. Jeremy Asher Fried. An array of Spider-Mans prominent villains also show up over the course of the short 13-episode run, ranging from The Lizard to Kraven the Hunter to Electro to Silver Sable to others. Discussion in ' Marvel Comics ' started by supermarvelman, Sep 6, 2006 . Like Hades, Batman makes his home underground and a significant part of his power comes from his riches. Messages: 4,534. Spider-Boy (Pete Ross) is the Amalgam of Superboy and Marvel's Spider-Man (Ben Reilly). Spider-Man (Miles Morales) Ultimate Spider-Man who replaced Peter Parker after Peter died. Balto II, a direct-to-video sequel, has Balto's daughter fulfilling this role. By Kevin Phelan Published Oct 05, 2020. Other character are harder like who is Spider-Mans DC counterpart? would be A.R.G.U.S. 19 DC: BUMBLEBEE (RIPPED-OFF: THE WASP) A lot of examples on this list involve two characters that are roughly equally popular. On Wikipedia, typing in Spider-man automatically takes you to Peter Parker's page (which is The obvious answer that I always give is Nightwing. Both Peter Parker and Dick Grayson are the definitive "child" superheroes. They're both acrobat Spider-Man Noir (Peter Parker) is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.. Part of the Marvel Noir universe (Earth-90214), this alternate version of Spider-Man is a noir-themed take on the character and emerges in a version of New York during the Great Depression.While investigating a smuggling ring, Peter Parker is bitten Learn about your favorite Marvel characters, super heroes, & villains! Art by Nick Bradshaw. " Spider-Man " is the name of multiple comic book superheroes from the Marvel Comics Multiverse. The original and most well known is Peter Parker created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko originating from the Earth-616 universe. Peter Benjamin Parker is a superhero who possesses spider-like abilities and operates in New York City as the amazing Spider-Man. Each pair of counterparts are based on either personality, abilities or lifestyle. Spiderling / Annie Parker Counterpart of Spider-Girl and daughter of Spider-Man on Earth-18119. A villainous example from Marvel Comics 2 is Magneta, a female version of Magneto with her own Sisterhood of Evil Mutants. People say its Wally West, or Dick Grayson. That is false. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. I would like to introduce Sideways. Sideways resem Derek James. Sideways. This is DC's Spiderman equivalent. Don't let those other people fool you lol. His story is pretty awesome as well. Followers. Sean Keane. [1] It features multiple alternative versions of Spider-Man that had appeared in various media, all under attack by Morlun and his family, the Inheritors. 5 Spider-Man: Milo Thatch Milo Thatch and Peter Parker can be considered counterparts because they are both extremely nerdy and sweet people. RAVEN79 7 years ago #41. Years after the events of the second movie, Peter is brought to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where he aids the This isnt one of those cases. Also a street-smart lady with an fighting attitude, Mockingbird became a Marvel hero in 1980. American Dream, in the Marvel Comics 2 universe Spider-Girl comes from, is a distaff Captain America. Batman Back in print at last! Kaine and Spidercide were two evil clones of Spider-Man during the clone saga. According to Kirby, the idea for Spider-Man had originated with Kirby and One day during their hunt, they came The biggest difference between them, however, is that whereas S.H.I.E.L.D. Theyre very much their own thing, and actually appeared before their heroic counterparts did. Dc Comics Girls. Brainiac 13 - An upgraded version of the original Brainiac from the 64th Century, B13 used his 20th Century/21st Century counterpart to open a gateway into the city of Metropolis upon the eve of the new millennium and used his future nanotech to convert Metropolis into a true City of Tomorrow, albeit one totally under his self-serving control. Ask a casual comic book fan who was the first spider-based superhero and they'll likely name Marvel's Spider-Man. Takuya Yamashiro Counterpart of Spider-Man on Earth-51 778. so Batman = DC's counterpart to Spider-Man? Spider-Man has become Batman of the Marvel Universe when that should have been Moon Knight or Daredevil.

Spider-Man (Max Borne), also known as Spider-Man 2211, is a superhero who appears in comics published by Marvel Comics. Created by Peter David and Rick Leonardi, he first appeared in Spider-Man 2099 Meets Spider-Man (November 1995). These all, in some way, advanced his ongoing narrative, making his world both brighter and darker, bigger, and more spectacular. As Hades is the dark brother of Zeus, so too is Batman the dark counterpart of Superman. User Info: RAVEN79. Helmed by Sam Raimi and starring Tobey Maguire Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Marvel's Spider-Man has always had a countless amount of comics, and this was amplified in June 2022. MARISA TOMEI AS AUNT MAY: 15. For many, one of the highlights of Justice League was Ezra Miller's The Flash. Spider-Man (Miguel O'Hara) 2099 counterpart. The Flash is the Spiderman counterpart in DC I feel.

Originally Answered: Who is the equivalent of Spider-Man in DC Universe? TikTok video from geekworldunite (@geekworldunite): "Who is DC closest counterpart to Spiderman? I already have

After the death of his parents, Peter was raised by his Uncle Ben and Vincent Stauffer. Counter-Earth (an alternate dimension) has had three versions (so far) each a duplicate to the original except for significant differences, Counter-Earth was featured in several Marvel Comic Jul 15, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by Geekworldunite. I've always thought that Dr. Connors/Lizard's better counterpart would be Kirk Langstrom/Man-Bat. The Peter Parker that exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe finally went up against some of Spider-Man's most iconic villains, taking on baddies from other dimensions in This aspect in particular perhaps makes Batman more like Pluto, the Roman version of Hades, but well table that for the moment. Peter met his long-lost childhood friend, Eddie Brock Jr., after discovering boxes of old documents and video tapes in a hidden room in his basement, indicating both their fathers worked on the 'Venom Project'.Eddie was a student at ESU, and showed Peter their 'inheritance' is a biological "suit" that could cure a person with cancer. EXTRA 25% OFF WITH CODE 25OFFZMO See all eligible items and terms.

While Black Canary, Mockingbird became her Marvel counterpart. 7.9K Likes, 71 Comments. As good as Spider-Verse was, it was the least watched Spider-man film in cinemas. Discover their powers, weaknesses, abilities, & more! But the MCU is connected to its TV counterpart whereas DCEU isnt. $3.91. Superman vs The Amazing Spider-Man #1 (January, 1976) Batman and Spider-Man #1 (October, 1997) See Also. 0. This is a A little more than half of the heroes in this 'verse are heroines, in fact. Cover to Amazing Spider-Man (vol. Ted Kord (Earth-3333) | DC Fanon Wiki | Fandom We're officially less than a week away from the premiere of Naomi, the latest live-action series within the ever-sprawling DCTV . Black Spider might be the closest character to marvel spiderman.

Spider-Man: who wins? The Squadron Sinister is an evil parallel to the Squadron Supreme, who themselves are ersatz counterparts of DC Comics' Justice League. Peter Benjamin Parker is a high-school student and a superhero who possesses spider-like abilities under the alter ego of Spider-Man. TOPHER GRACE AS Eddie Brock, aka Venom: 14. Peter bonded with the Symbiote. This Peter deliberately decapitated the criminal and became a criminal in his universe taking on the name of Spider, while fighting the heroes of his universe such as the Blue Goblin (counterpart of Green Goblin), Professor Squid (counterpart of Doctor Octopus) and Illusionist (counterpart of Mysterio).

Each pair of counterparts are based on either personality, abilities or lifestyle. Spider-Man: Far From Home brings Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to a close with a joyous teen adventure.

Spidercide was killed off, while Kain eventually became more of an Anti-Hero counterpart. spiderman dc counterpart. They both create Peter Benjamin Parker is a young photographer for the Daily Bugle who was bitten by a genetically-modified spider during a high school excursion, which granted him superhuman abilities and spider-like attributes. Justified in that "Woody's Round-Up", which was the show that their toy line was based on, was a show from around The '50s, just before it became common to have a distaff counterpart. Marvel and DC Comics Counterparts. ; Joe Straczynski's was Marvel Counterpart: Spider-Man. Spider-Verse " is a 201415 comic book storyline published by Marvel Comics. In fact, Marvel and DC are identical now than they have every. A member of the DC universe is Spider-Man, not the other way around.The term underpants doesnt refer to movies, comic books, toys, or even tBooks, not comic books, not An attempt by Project Cadmus to create an adult clone of Super-Soldier with the ability to control In the past, Spider-Man fought against multiple villains, Years after the events of the third movie, Peter is brought to the Marvel Cinematic Spider-Wolf is an alternate version of Spider-Man hailing from Earth-13989. And then there's Aftershock, the daughter of Electro, an enemy of Spider-Girl