Kyle AlexanderCourtesy of University of California-Los Angeles. The Foundation for California Community Colleges is a portal to a wealth of knowledge on state-based initiatives and assistance programs relevant to students at even the best California community colleges. Overall Niche Grade. 2003-04 TRANSFERS TO UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA RANK SCHOOL TOTAL 1 Santa Monica College 900 2 Diablo Valley College 579 3 De Anza College 548 4 Santa Barbara City College 543 5 Pasadena City College 480 6 Orange Coast College 425 7 San Diego Mesa College 359 8 City College of San Francisco 311 9 Mount San Antonio College 302 10 El Camino College 288 Featured 2-year Colleges. 13%. Minority enrollment is 33% (majority Black) and the student:teacher ratio is 15:1. 3. A Washington Post analysis of fall 2020 enrollment data for schools ranked by U.S. News & World Report among the top 50 national universities found that UCLA had the most new transfer students . The program is staffed by UCLA Undergraduate Admission personnel who visit participating community colleges several times during the academic year to provide . The College gives scholarships for students, and amount range is $10,000. Students can choose from Associate of Arts degree programs in anthropology, art history, English, graphic and interactive design, history, humanities, Japanese, music technology, psychology, sociology, Spanish, women's studies and other disciplines. It is also small, with only 1,700 or so students. By using our website, you agree to the . Go to your career transfer office and see what the academic path will be for a particular major. Here are the 20 best community colleges for transferring to a four-year school. Mt. 25th % for Admits. The College offers certificates, associate degrees, and transfer courses programs are nutrition, microscopy, nursing, radiology and administration of justice, paralegal studies, and much more. There is a 9:1 student/faculty ratio. Halifax Community College has the 31st-best graduation and transfer rate across our study, as 71% of students graduate or transfer to a four-year institution. Additional costs may include books, parking, and room and board. The College has three campuses. Kennedy-King College. It's entirely possible to get into Ivy League schools as a transfer student from community college. This amounts to $1,380 per year for full-time students taking 30 credits. Submit all required documents. To make sure that transferring goes smoothly, we highly recommend that you plan ahead. Top Community Colleges in New York #1 Guttman Community College Score: 100. It comes in 318 th most affordable out of 821 community colleges for cost of tuition and fees for two semesters, at $3,765. You may also request free information about Southern New Hampshire University's online AS - Marketing program. 1. 5. The tuition fee can be slightly higher in private colleges. Click on an institution to find important information about transfer. Nearly 70 community colleges, public universities, and independent colleges and universities participate in the Michigan Transfer Network. 1. Junior colleges also differ from traditional universities in that they don't usually offer four-year degrees. Grades in all courses must be C- or higher. A perennial contender on our list of top ten community colleges in the state of California, the Pasadena City College is one of the largest community colleges in the country and a high performer. Acceptance rate 100%. Answer (1 of 5): While searching online I found the following document: . Net price $6,499. The best top ranked community colleges in California include Schoolcraft College, Finlandia University and Macomb Community College. And you are considering attending the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, then the M-Connect program is specifically designed for you! Overall Money rank: 4. Austin Community College District Austin, Texas Good for Transferring to the University of Texas at Austin Since its founding in 1972, Austin Community College has expanded to 10 campus locations serving eight counties in Central Texas. The state has 53 private colleges and 40 public colleges. Foothill College was ranked 29 th in the CNN Money listing of best community colleges in 2012. Catawba Valley Community College (Hickory, N.C.) Undergraduate enrollment: 4,827. M-CONNECT - Join our Transfer Community. The Linly Heflin Scholarship does not require a specific major. Opens: December 1, 2022.

The competition for students among colleges, especially the tuition-driven, higher-priced smaller institutions, is encouraging poaching behavior, Fink says. It's essential to start community college with a plan for how you are going to transfer. SAT range . Find Colleges & Universities. It might be harder to get into your four-year school as a transfer; admission rates tend to be slightly lower for transfer students. And of course a 3.8 would be enough. Develop a Plan. In all more than 100 California community colleges send transfer students to . The 10 Best Community Colleges for 2021 are: Guttman Community College College of San Mateo De Anza College State Technical College of Missouri Moorpark College Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture Las Positas College Orange Coast College Oakton Community College North Dakota State College of Science The College offers certificates, associate degrees, and transfer courses programs are nutrition, microscopy, nursing, radiology and administration of justice, paralegal studies, and much more. You can receive up to $7,000 a year in scholarships that can transfer with you to any Alabama university or college you attend. The 24 credit hours cannot include remedial or . OCC is one of the biggest and, arguably, one of the best community colleges in the nation. Meet with them early on in the process and reach out to them frequently with questions you might have. The top rated community colleges offer a broad selection of associate's degrees, affordable tuition rates, and strong partnerships with public four-year schools so that students can easily transfer their credits into . Founded In: 1789. Steps for admission to Purdue. The college currently ranks top in transfer rates with 62%. Tuition & Fees Approximately: In-state 8,591 USD, Out-of-state 33,673 USD. National Society of Accountants Scholarship.

Plan ahead. This my sound overwhelming, especially if you have to . Founded in 2011, Stella and Charles Guttman Community College is the newest of CUNY's community colleges. Morgan College in Fort Morgan, Colorado ranks 28 th-best for graduation and transfer rate (71%) and ties for 39 th-best in student-to-faculty ratio, at 11. It's not like they want a 4.0 upon transfer, that's ridiculous. San Antonio College aka Mt.

UCLA has earned the top spot on Money's list of "10 Best Colleges for Transfer Students. Out-of-state community college students in Florida can pay a tuition fee of up to $11,973. It can be harder to feel like you fit in at the university you . Admit Rate. I'm betting 3.0-3.2 upon transfer w/the requirements would give most a solid shot. It is also one of the 7 original "sister" colleges and ranked as one of the top women's colleges in the United States. Transfer scholarships might be limited. Share of transfer students who earn a degree within 4 years: 90%. Howard College. - Muhammad Junaid Khalid 2h. A growing number of community colleges, 250 by Jenkins's estimate, offer guided academic pathways for students. Big Spring, Texas. Applicants. Eligibility: Students who are studying at a two year or community college who intend to transfer to a four year college and major in accounting. Bryn Mawr College is located in Bryn Mawr, PA and is a private women's liberal arts school. Answer (1 of 7): Strongly depends on your ability to stay on top of your academic works; I could've gone to Santa Monica but attend in Los Angeles City College because it was easier to commute and less distractions. Show More. However, that's a little vague. . It's also recommend to have SAT II scores submitted for transfer applicants. To help make your transition as smooth and pleasant as possible, here are our tips on how to successfully transfer from a community college to a four-year university: 1. If you're looking to further your education, community college can be a great option as it provides high-quality college education and affordable Read more on . Likewise, the University of Central Florida has a variety of programs intended to make the transfer process smoother, including guaranteed admission for students at many colleges.

I've thought about moving to one of these states and attending a . Dawson has also created so-called "2+2 agreements" with regional schools, providing help transferring to them for bachelor's degree studies. Florida has a rich higher education culture. Merritt Community College Merritt Community is a public community college in California. Pasadena City College is ranked #1 for first-year retention rates on our list of Top Community Colleges in CA. Catawba Valley Community College has a transfer rate of 50%. In the past two years, 228 community college students have successfully transferred to Cornell University ( 2019 and 2020 stats). The College has three campuses. They are reaching out to community college students and urging them to transfer before they graduate. Georgia Piedmont Technical College is another one of our top community colleges in Georgia that aims to help student transfers go as smoothly as possible. 1 and 2 respectively, with UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara and UC Irvine coming in at sixth, seventh and eighth. 5 10 15 25 50 100 200. miles of Zip Code (For example: Find Transfer Profiles at schools within 5 miles of the selected Zip Code) Please enter a 5 digit ZIP code. University of California-Los Angeles. The earlier you begin to prepare for transfer, the better. UMD Global Campus, which has a whopping transfer acceptance rate of 99%, has partnerships with all 16 community colleges in the state, as well as 90 more throughout the US.. The College Board estimates that during the 2019-2020 academic year, tuition and fees for full-time, in-state students at community colleges was $3,730 per year on average, compared to $10,440 at . Best community college in San Francisco Bay . In order to transfer to MIT, you'll need to become a top student at community college, score above the 95th percentile on the SATs, and write an exceptional transfer application. Answer (1 of 5): While searching online I found the following document: . Overall Niche Grade. (Santa Monica is well known for a large population of Asian international student. Step 1: Meet With Transfer Advisor. It's home to 35,000 students and offers more than 100 bachelor . Dawson Community College has a transfer rate of 42%. Number of Programs: 67 Enrollment: Full-time: . They boast a large variety of majors and programs for students to explore. The college offers associate degrees in majors such as . Ranking: 7th. In fact, some states have special programs for students who transfer from in-state community colleges to in-state colleges (the NJ STARS program is one such initiative in the state of New Jersey).You will also continue to qualify for federal aid such as the Pell Grant, Stafford Loans, unsubsidized loans, and Parent PLUS loans. If you've done those classes, you are in the clear and you should apply to Tech for transfer. 5. T-4. It boasts 90 degrees and over 150 certificate programs ranging from graphic design to nursing to HVAC, Mt. The Carolina Student Transfer Excellence Program (C-STEP) identifies academically talented students from 2-year colleges and supports them on both campuses. Victor Valley College. Acceptance rate 100%. The Clarkston school has nearly 30 transfer agreements in place with universities in Georgia and elsewhere, including Robert Gordon University in Scotland. Pasadena City College is ranked #1 for first-year retention rates on our list of Top Community Colleges in CA. Halifax Community College - Weldon, NC. Major or Program: (For example: Accounting, Psychology) College Size: Small (fewer than 2,000 students) The Community College Transfer Recruitment (CCTR) program provides assistance to prospective community college transfer students, with particular emphasis on underrepresented students. However, a number of accredited online degree programs will accept up to 90 credit hours in the transfer. Average net cost of attendance after awards: $8,583. Arizona State University had a very high acceptance rate for transfer students, at 84.4%. In addition, the financial aid office works with transfer students to maximize their financial support . Understandably, the school makes technology studies a priority and is a good choice for students who want to network in the Bay Area.

Marion Military Institute has a transfer rate of 55%. According to Fink, about 80% of students nationally enroll in community college with . Tuition - $14,636. Finance and Admission Office Contact: (919) 966-3621. Cornell accepts the largest number of community college transfers of any university in the . California led the nation, with 13 institutions in the top 50 . OCC is one of the biggest and, arguably, one of the best community colleges in the nation. Instead, they provide two-year Associate's Degrees as well as certificate, diploma, and . Public University. . The short answer: Yes. T-4. SAT range . Choose a school that accepts a high number of credit transfers - some schools will only accept up to two years of credit, essentially setting you back a full year in graduation. School Transferring From. Transfer success rate - 16.60%. Allan Hancock College. Out-of-state students paid approximately $7,730 in annual tuition in 2021. The best community colleges can provide an affordable pathway into higher education, offering students high-quality two-year degree programs in a wide range of disciplines. Visit your top choices, collect transfer materials, and find out if there are any transfer agreements between where you . High school diploma or successful completion of high school equivalency assessment. Most community colleges have a transfer advising office with advisors who can help you with transferring from community college to university. All Dubai England. Read 1,097 reviews. The average community college acceptance rate in Michigan is 89% (view national acceptance rates). At least 24 semester credit hours of college-level coursework, including the minimum subject-area credit hour and course requirements. Community colleges in California charge the lowest tuition rates in the nation at $46 per credit for in-state students. 8. Olive-Harvey College. 3. University of Maryland Global Campus School . Richland Community College. Best Community Colleges in Houston: Admission Requirements, Transfer Options, and Online Degrees. The average size of the transfer student body at these schools was large: 5,965 students. See the top 10 colleges for transfer students below, and check out more rankings here. The scholarship is valid for up to eight semesters of undergraduate study. B. SAC is one of the best community colleges in California for nursing. Unfortunately, there is the possibility that not all earned credits transfer. You would miss many social opportunities and opportunities to meet people that are unique to freshman year. McKinney, Texas. There are more than 43,000 students enrolled in over 100 academic programs. Collin County Community College District. 7. A perennial contender on our list of top ten community colleges in the state of California, the Pasadena City College is one of the largest community colleges in the country and a high performer. College: Distance: Within.

On average, the tuition of in-state students is $6,464. Victor Valley College is one of the top community colleges in California and is located in Victorville. Most of the in-state transfer scholarships listed below are great for students looking to transfer from their local community college to a four-year university. UCLA and Berkeley were named No. UMD Global Campus, which has a whopping transfer acceptance rate of 99%, has partnerships with all 16 community colleges in the state, as well as 90 more throughout the US.. AICPA Foundation Two-year Transfer Scholarship Award. . If you are an in-state student at any of the following community colleges. Community College. 102. Net Price: $5,988 Graduation Rate: 49% Transfer Rate: 30% Retention Rate: 73%. Many of the other schools on the list had transfer acceptance rates that hovered between 50 and 70%. However, one Texas school, the University of Texas at Arlington, boasted an even higher rate at 91.9%. In this instance, you need to send an official transcript to show earned course credits to your new college. 15. The CCC Transfer Counselor Website can provide some insight into the community college transfer process from the counselors' side of the desk. 2.1 Course requirements: 2.2 GPA requirement 2.3 Unit requirement San Jose City College is in downtown San Jose, right in the heart of Silicon Valley. "These community colleges were the very best we found at preparing their students for the next step, whether that's transferring to a four-year school or turning an associate's degree into a. University of California-Los Angeles. Net price $6,499. Lewis and Clark Community College. Independent College or University.

What You Need To Transfer To MIT. Thousands of students transfer schools every year, as you can see from this list of schools with the most transfer students enrolling for fall 2020. When the admissions office receives your sealed official transcript, they apply the number of credits earned to your new official transcript. A community college in Los Altos Hills, California, Foothill College offers 15 online associate degrees.