Net Control

Sun City Summerlin AR Net Script Net at 6:55 PM

This is (Station Call), the Sun City Summerlin Amateur Radio Net will begin in approximately 5 minutes.

Start Net at 7:00 PM

1. This is ( name / call sign ) on the W7BES repeater, Net Control this evening for the Sun City Summerlin Amateur Radio weekly net.

This Net operates every Monday evening at 1900 hrs Pacific time. This is an emergency services practice net in support of Sun City Summerlin Community Preparedness.

Stations with urgent traffic may break in at any time. Visitors will be called at the end of the net.

Break for re-set

2. Advise “Report” details.  (Normally the station call and name and questions or comments, there may also be a question of value for the members, your choice.)

3. Ask for back-up Net Control and acknowledge member if there is one.

4. Ask for Announcements. (If a member has an announcement, tell members with questions to go direct to the announcing station.)

5. Member Check In. (Method of check-in is your choice. Default is call sign only, then acknowledge check-in when complete, then ask each for their report).

6. Call for Visitors.

7. Call for late or missed members.

Close Net

8. This concludes the Sun City Summerlin Amateur Radio Net for this evening.  Thanks for checking in and have a great week.

This is (Call) returning the frequency to normal traffic.Send “results” to Bruce Spitzer –  Format is  Date of Net,  Number of members checked-in.