Sun City Summerlin Amateur Radio Net Script

Announce Net at 6:55 PM

This is (Your callsign), the Sun City Summerlin Amateur Radio Net will begin in approximately 5 minutes.

1. Start Net at 7:00 PM

This is (Your name / callsign) on the W7SCS repeater, Net Control for the Sun City Summerlin Amateur Radio net. This net meets every Thursday evening at 7pm Pacific time in support of the Sun City Summerlin Neighborhood Preparedness Team.

This is a directed net; all stations are requested to remain on frequency until the net closes. If you do leave please notify net control. This net is open to all licensed Amateur Radio Operators in addition to Sun City Summerlin members.

Stations with urgent traffic may break in at any time. Visitors will be called at the end of the net.

Following the net there will be a discussion on (topic).

Break for re-set

2. Ask for back-up Net Control and acknowledge member if there is one.

3. Ask for Announcements. (If a member has an announcement, tell members with questions to go direct to the announcing station.)

4. Member Check In. (Method of check-in is your choice)

You may simply “call the roll”; or the default is to ask members to give their callsign and name only or callsign phonetically.

b.You may ask for a “report” such as members questions or comments of interest to others or you may pose a question for members to answer. 

Advise the check-in details (either a or b) and call the Roll. When completed, go back and acknowledge each check-in. If you have asked for a “report” or posed a question, ask for the report or answer to your question when you acknowledge a station. (We want to encourage stations to use the weekly Net Check-in process to discuss issues relevant to ham radio. Discussions, however should be moved to after the net is closed so the last two items below can be handled efficiently. Encourage members to stick around after the formal closing of the net.)

5. Call for late or missed members.

6. Call for Visitors.

7. Close Net

This concludes the Sun City Summerlin Amateur Radio Net for this evening. Thanks for checking in and have a great week. This is (Your callsign) returning the frequency to normal traffic.

Send “results” to ( Mark West). Format is Date of Net, Callsigns of members checked-in.

Discussion or round-table should follow.

Rev 02/28/2020