Amateur Radio License Tests Suspended Indefinitely

The following message sent on March 20, 2020 is from Dennis Simon who for many years has been in charge of the monthly Radio Amateur License tests held the first Saturday of every month in Las Vegas.

We have suspended testing at this time to insure the safety of all. In following the guide lines set forth by our Nevada State Governor we can have no larger than 10 people at any gatherings and are to suspend all nonessential activities. We have posted it on our website also. April test is cancelled and ARRL has been informed to show this on our test session posted on their site. We will evaluate it monthly and determine when to restart them. At that time I will be letting everyone know. In the meantime, I have started a list of people interested in testing who want to know when we restart. If you hear of people interested just have them contact me to put them on the list. As soon as we have a date to start testing again I will send emails to each of you and to anyone on my list ( Everyone do take care of yourselves and your families so that we can all stay well. Feel free to contact me at any time you feel I can be of help.