The Sun City Summerlin Amateur Radio Subcommittee is an adjunct group of skilled communicators tasked with supporting our community and our Neighborhood Preparedness Team. The Neighborhood Preparedness Team is a Community Organization of Sun City Summerlin while the Amateur Radio Subcommittee has been constructed to allow both residents & non-residents to participate.

We are affiliated with the Clark County Amateur Radio Emergency System (CCARES) and operate a UHF repeater, W7SCS that is available for CCARES needs as they arise. Our repeater is designated “U9” in the CCARES frequency list.

In addition, we actively campaign for the easing of antenna restrictions to allow Amateur Radio operators to practice their skills in support of their neighbors and the community.

Sun City Amateurs is also an active partner in Las Vegas Fire and Rescue’s on-going project to upgrade smoke alarm systems in ALL Sun City Summerlin Homes. Smoke alarms are being replaced with new 10-year alarms with new batteries that likewise last 10-years. For more information contact the social monitor desk at any Sun City Summerlin Community Center.

Sun City Hams meet on the third Wednesday of every month at 2:00pm at the Desert Vista Community Center. We have a weekly emergency network check-in every Thursday at 7:00pm on W7SCS at 447.475 MHz (-5mhz) / PL 110.9 KHz. Guest check-ins are welcome.

New members are welcome. You do not have to be a resident of Sun City to join. Contact Us by email or telephone to sign-up. There is no membership fee.

To become a ham radio operator you need an FCC license, see our Ham Radio License page for details on classes and testing.

73s from W7SCS.